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Hey Friend!

Welcome to

Lotus Effect Wellness!

This is just for you.

At Lotus Effect Wellness we cater to the wellness of everyone, but most importantly we cater to the wellness of the strong friend. You know that friend? The one that’s always giving and doing for everyone else, but themselves? I’m sure you have a strong friend, you may even be the strong one. Lotus Effect Wellness is your friend now.


The Lotus Effect

You may be asking, what is the Lotus Effect?

Well, the Lotus Effect in simplest terms is the art of self-cleaning.  Here at Lotus Effect Wellness, we help you to self-clean your body and spirit, so you can count the small victories every day and see them add up!

I’m really enjoying my candle! As you all may know Eucalyptus and Spearmint has a calming effect especially for those who are stressed or just want to relax. They have gained a loyal customer. Get y’all some!

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